Baked Fish Seasoning

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This blend is a Prima favorite. We have created a superb blend of herbs & spices to give all your baked fish dishes a delectable flavor. PRIMA RECIPE. Spread mayonaise over fish & sprinkle seasoning generously. May also be used with meat and poultry. Ingredients: minced onion, minced garlic, sesame seed, lemon peel, herbs and spices.


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Lisa M Aug 1st 2018

A must have staple

A DELIGHTFUL blend to have on hand for fish, it is also salt free! Adds great flavor to my smoked salmon fillet, which I always love to grill for a quick dinner.

Susanna Jul 2nd 2018

Salt free doesn't have to mean tasteless

FINALLY!!!! A salt free spice blend that doesn't taste like its missing salt! I'm on a strict no sodium diet and have a hard time when it comes to cooking. I put this over my salmon one night and braced myself for the usual bland taste I have come to expect and was absolutely blown away with how full bodied the flavors were! Well done Prima! I ordered every one of your salt free blends!! Delicious!!!

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