Barbecue Rub with Smoked Flavor

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Rubs work very well on meat because the blend also contains sugar, which helps the spices cling onto the meat. Rubs will never scorch the meat as barbecue sauces do. The rub will melt and then the spices are carried back into the meat by its own natural juices. Rub spices onto thawed meat, use 2-3 tsp per lb of meat, 1-2 tsp for chicken. Ing: Maltodextrin, natural hickory smoke flavor, hydrated silicon dioxide( free flow agent)


Reviews (2)

Manny Jun 18th 2018

Great stuff

You definitely taste the quality of spices in this blend.

Chimchuri May 31st 2018

Smoked BBQ Rub

Was not sure if I should try this but figured free shipping heck why not...boy was I glad I did! This rub is clearly made up of a great blend of spices to create a CACOPHONY of flavor on my steak! By the way, great on pork chops too, would definitely recommend!

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