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Our Story

Family is very important to our company. Perhaps it’s because we are a family business ourselves. We believe that good food and cooking can bring everyone closer together. Therefore, we want our products to inspire people to try new things and experience new flavors. This ideology all started with one man’s vision, the original Spice Man.

Prima Spice was founded in 1989 by Abe Weiss. His passion for perfection was the foundation for the company’s success. Tirelessly working to obtain the best ingredients, it was his dedication that inspired his employees to do the same. It didn’t take long for what started out small to flourish into a trusted brand name.

Today, we offer a full line of spices, herbs, exclusive spice blends, and a full line of extracts and flavorings. All our ingredients are carefully selected for premium quality, taste and freshness. Abe’s belief that quality is the key when running a business is what drives us forward. Customers trust our brand for its consistency and we are recognized as an upscale company with high standards. That’s what makes Prima stand out from the other brands. We built our business on strong values, good old fashioned hard work and we are proud of it.


What We Do

A perfectionist by nature, Abe instilled a motivation in his employees to give only the best and strive for even better. That is the backbone behind our company and how we live each day.

We package our spices in small batches to maintain the freshness. Things go from the field, straight into the bottle, and onto the shelf. You can be sure when you pop the seal on one of our jars that the contents are aromatic and flavorful. We have our customers in mind when creating our products. Everything is simple to use and full of flavors we know the people love.

At Prima, we are extremely particular about what we put in our jars. All ingredients are carefully inspected and then tested in our state of the art kitchen. We cook with our products first, so we know they are good. Only when we are satisfied with the results does the merchandise reach stores. We want people to buy Prima with the same confidence that we have making it.

Prima is dedicated to enhancing your eating experience and taking your food "from bland to grand”!