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"I use Prima spices and I will never change. When you first called, and said you wanted to talk to me about spices, the first thought I had was: ‘I hope you’re not trying to convince me to try a spice brand other than Prima, because it’s not going to happen.’

I’m a professional chef. I cook three meals a day for 45 people. I feel that these spices really enhance a plate. They take it up a notch. I find they have that great, flavorful, real-tasting flavor—you know what I mean. They stay fresh. I have a pantry loaded with boxes of Prima spices. Even in a plain dish of nothing more than potatoes, these spices transform the whole dish and really bring the flavor out. You don’t need anything else.

What brought me to Prima? In my family, we use Prima and I didn’t want to compromise. I could get lesser quality spices for much cheaper from other wholesalers, but I told my employer that I will compromise on anything but spices. They play a main role in any dish.

It’s hard to name a favorite flavor because I have so many that I love! I like the fish seasoning blend; it’s VERY GOOD. It has every flavor you would want for fish.”

-Katie Anderson, Professional Chef, Rockland NY

"I’ve always known that Prima spices are the best spices. That’s what they all my friends that are real chefs say. Yes, it’s more expensive, but your food tastes better so it’s worth it. It lasts much longer, and it’s only pennies in comparison.

I love the shawarma spice. It’s from their exclusive blend line. I gave some to my friend and she liked it so much, that when I bought more for myself I had to buy more for her too!

My husband tasted fish with the Prima fish seasoning, and had to know what it was. He loved it!

I’m not a fancy chef, but I still see the difference.”

-Beth, Brooklyn NY

"I think Prima is a more high-end spice brand. Their herbs are really good. I have Prima oregano—it’s really yummy. I always like what I get from Prima. They are quality spices. I mean, it’s well known that Prima is good. I notice the strongest difference between Prima and other brands in the black pepper, herbs and paprika. They’re much tastier. I like the way the black pepper is ground, it gives it a stronger flavor. Like I said, their oregano is really good. Their whole cloves taste really good on corned beef. Their spices just taste good.”

-Elizabeth, Brooklyn, NY

"I usually buy their dill weed because it’s a better quality. When I buy the others, they’re a more faded color, and Prima is a fresh green color. It also retains its flavor and color for a long time, which the others don’t do.”

-Mary Ann, Boston, MA

"Prima is the #1 seller in the store even if it’s more expensive. People say the quality is better. You can use much less spice and get a better result. It’s a worthwhile investment. The garlic powder is stronger. We have to refill our shelves VERY often.

-Buyer at a leading supermarket in Spring Valley, NY

"Prima spices are a premium product.”

-Supermarket manager in Rockland County, NY

"Prima is high-end, quality stuff. I find their garlic powder is very strong, powerful, pure and high quality. I always make sure to have Prima garlic powder in the house. Also the paprika—you can see the rich redness in it.”

-Rachele, Food Demo Specialist