The Surprising Facts about “Quality” Spices and Herbs

The Surprising Facts about “Quality” Spices and Herbs.

The age old discussion about cheap vs. quality spices may have finally been laid to rest. Some people would never purchase their spices in the typical supermarket, preferring local ethnic spice shops or online vendors. Yet others insist that all spices are the same and buy these crucial ingredients in their grocery. Here are some quick and fascinating facts about the herbs and spices in your pantry you probably never knew. 

  • Many spices contain “fillers” to raise the weight so that the processors make more money. Good for them=bad for you and your food!
  • Surprise! Spices grow on Mother Earth, and foreign material can get mixed in, including: dust, dirt, rodent hair and…..feces!! Yup, knew you’d like that one!
  • Those larger supermarket spice brands probably will deliver you a product that may be years away from the field. Large batch production and huge warehouse facilities equal old and stale spices, without much aroma or flavor strength.
  • Ground black pepper that is sold by many companies are just the ground dust of the shell of the peppercorn- quality ground pepper that is ground from the actual berry is noticeably different in appearance as well as the rich, full bodied and fruity notes associated with true peppercorns.
  • Garlic powder from China is inconsistent and loaded with fillers to bring up the weight. Stick with local garlic made in the USA!
  • Some spice companies will use old or unusable spices for their spice blends. Only purchase spice seasonings from a trusted supplier, or make you own.