Za'atar Seasoning

Za'atar is a versatile and aromatic Middle Eastern spice blend that has been cherished for centuries for its unique flavor and health benefits. Our premium za'atar combines a perfect balance of earthy, nutty, and tangy notes, crafted from the finest...

Pickling Spice

A superior blend of fresh herbs and spices, Pickling Spice adds a delicious flavor to all your homemade pickles and relishes. Use as a seasoning for boiled vegetables, fish and beef. Put 1-2 Tbs. In a cheese cloth so that it can be easily removed at the...

Hot Paprika

If you like "zest” in your cooking, this paprika is for you. Blended with our high prized Spanish paprika and chili’s, you can now add kick and color to any dish. Ingredients: paprika, and red pepper.

Hot Hungarian Paprika

We took the worlds best Hungarian paprika and blended it with our finest chili’s to create this superb paprika. You can now add color and delicious zesty flavor to all your favorite dishes. Enjoy. Ingredients: paprika, and red pepper.

Sweet Paprika

Sweet paprika is sweeter than regular paprika because of the added sugar, but is used the same way as regular spanish paprika, sugar helps the paprika cling to the fish or meat. ING: paprika, sugar

Seasoning Salt

Seasoning salt is an exceptional blend of spices and herbs, which adds an aromatic flavor to any food. This is a superb replacement for salt and pepper. This unique blend adds a delicious burst of flavor to all your favorite dishes. A "must try”...

Mr. Flavor

For those that are on a salt free diet, this multipurpose mix should certainly be a staple in your kitchen. An all-around spice, blended from nineteen fresh herbs and spices, Mr. Flavor can be used on almost anything and everything. A great table spice...

Garlic Pepper Seasoning

If you are a garlic and black pepper lover, this blend is for you. An excellent table spice, sprinkle on vegetables, eggs, omelets, meat, poultry or fish. Salt is not a primary ingredient in this blend, which means you get more flavor and less salt...

Garlic Salt

If you are a salt and garlic lover, this blend will satisfy your palette. Great on salads, pasta, chicken, and baked potatoes. We did not use salt as our primary ingredient thereby giving you more flavor and less salt. Ingredients: garlic, salt, and...

Four Color Pepper Blend

We have created an exotic colorful blend of whole pepper berries to add a unique flavor to all your meat, poultry, and fish dishes. For best results use with a pepper grinder, however it can be used in whole form. Ingredients: whole black pepper, whole...

Chili Powder, Dark

A mild blend of chili peppers with spices, this product is red orange in color and is a milder, less hot version of our hot cayenne powder. Use in all your tomato based products. Perfect for seasoning dips and sauces. Ingredients: paprika, garlic,...

Curry Powder

Our unique Blend Indian Style Curry Powder is a "must try". Mixed from the finest, freshest spices, this masterpiece will add heat and flavor to all your chicken, meat and vegetable dishes. Enjoy! Ingredients: tumeric, red pepper, cumin, fenugreek and...

Cinnamon Sugar

Cinnamon Sugar is a must-have on your breakfast table. This delicious blend of vietnamese cinnamon with sugar is perfect for french toast, coffee, hot cereal and fresh fruit. Ingredients: sugar and cinnamon

Celery with Salt

Celery salt is a wonderful seasoning for beef or roast beef, roast and steaks on the grill. Ing: salt, freshly ground celery

Cajun Seasoning

Awaken your foods with a blend of spices from the South. This balanced blend of traditional Cajun spices is a perfect all purpose seasoning. Our blend adds a distinctive bold and full bodied taste to meat, poultry, seafood, omelettes, soups and salads...