Please be advised that not all items are available with Passover kosher certification. 

Following is a list of all our Kosher for Passover items. When ordering, you must specify "Passover" in the "Order Comments" input field, which is located in the Shipping Field of the checkout page. 


Allspice Ground

Allspice Whole


Black Pepper Butcher Cut

Black Pepper Fine Grind - 2 Sizes

Black Pepper Gourmet Grind - 3 Sizes

Black Peppercorns Whole

Coriander, Ground


Cinnamon Ground - 2 Sizes

Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon Sugar

Crushed Red Pepper

Dill Weed - 2 Sizes

Garlic Powder Granulated - 3 Sizes 


Cayenne Pepper

Minced Garlic - 2 Sizes

Minced Onion - 2 Sizes


Onion Powder Granulated - 3 Sizes

Oregano - 2 Sizes

Paprika - 3 Sizes (Spanish Paprika, Domestic currently unavailable for Passover)

Parsley - 2 Sizes

Pickling Spice


Sour Salt (citric acid)



White Pepper - 2 Sizes

Bay Leaves - 2 Sizes

Hot Paprika

Sweet Paprika