Here's what some spice companies don't want you to know.

This has got to be the 879 millionth article you've come across about buying spices. However, before you click that little "x", make sure you've read this because it can change your life.

Yes, you have read that correctly! Simply being an informed consumer will make it or break it when it comes to purchasing the spices and herbs you season up your food with. 

What do I mean? 

Well, it's really quite simple. You see, there are some little tidbits of information that spice companies don't want you to know about. And this will define whether your home cooked food will rock up your taste buds or taste like the bland food you remember from the school cafeteria. 

Just yesterday I ordered me some grub from a great local breakfast place, and the enclosed little paper packet of pepper was EMPTY. Oh well, I didn't need pepper laced eggplant Panini anyway. But nothing is more disappointing than finding bland black pepper that looks like the dust that comes out of your overused vacuum cleaner bag.

It really is sad, and frankly frustrating when you realize that the spices you have in your pantry are not really doing much to flavor your food. 

Wouldn't you like to know that the spices you're using in your food is actually spices, and not some "other" foreign matter? 

These are some the things you aren't really supposed know:

1) Many spices contain “fillers” to raise the weight so that the processors make more money. Good for them=bad for you and your food!

2) Surprise! Spices grow on Mother Earth, and foreign material can get mixed in, including: dust, dirt, rodent hair and…..feces!! Yup, knew you’d like that one!

3) Those larger supermarket spice brands will most likely deliver you a product that may be years away from the field. Large batch production and huge warehouse facilities equal old and stale spices, without much aroma or flavor strength.

4) Ground black pepper that is sold by many companies are just the ground dust of the shell of the peppercorn. True  quality ground pepper that is ground from the actual berry is noticeably different in appearance as well as the rich, full bodied and fruity notes associated with true peppercorns.

5) Garlic powder from China is inconsistent and loaded with fillers to bring up the weight. Stick with local garlic made in the USA!

6) Some spice companies will use old or unusable spices for their spice blends. Only purchase spice seasonings from a trusted supplier, or make you own. 

So before you reach for that spice jar that's on you grocery shopping list, due your due diligence about what you're actually putting into your food, it can truly change the entire result in all of your favorite recipes.